Unsure about what to do now that you are pregnant? Here is a helpful maternity guide to get you through everything from your first prenatal checkup in the first trimester to your group B strep test at the end of your third trimester.

Important mile markers are bolded for your convenience. Remember, we are here for you and your family from conception, to childbirth, to pediatric care after your baby is born.

First Trimester

  • Tell your partner
  • Purchase prenatal vitamins if you don’t already own them
  • Find an OB/GYN if you don’t have one
  • Schedule your first prenatal checkup (4-8 weeks)
  • Figure out how maternal leave will affect finances
  • Get your teeth cleaned
  • Begin a savings plan for you and your baby’s medical expenses
  • Purchase a full body pillow
  • OB/GYN visit (8-12 weeks)
  • Tell your boss and coworkers
  • Research prenatal exercise classes

Second Trimester

  • Purchase maternity clothes
  • Ultrasound for health and gender of baby (18-22 weeks)
  • Start sleeping on your side (18-20 weeks)
  • Create your baby shower registry
  • Start planning your nursery
  • Dedicate time to your partner
  • Dedicate time to your friends
  • Finalize baby names
  • Talk to your baby (20-23 weeks)
  • Start researching pediatrician offices
  • Glucose Screening Test for Gestational Diabetes (24-28 weeks)
  • Interview your pediatrician office finalists
  • Find a childbirth class (25-29 weeks)
  • Attend your regular prenatal visits with an OB/GYN (usually once a month)

Third Trimester

  • Attend your regular prenatal visits with an OB/GYN (every two weeks; then, once a week as you get closer to delivery)
  • Prepare birth plan
  • Finish nursery
  • Baby shower
  • Baby-proof your house
  • Get approved car seat
  • Prepare frozen meals
  • Visit doctor four times (28-37 weeks)
  • Prepare hospital bag
  • Group B strep test (35-37 weeks)
  • Biophysical profile (36-39 weeks)