Tuesday, March 28, 2023

My Birth Preferences

My Birth Preferences

At West Valley Medical Center, we’re dedicated to providing you and your family with focused attention and compassionate care as you go through the journey of delivering a healthy baby. We created this tool to help you outline some of your preferences for the childbirth process. Situations may arise during which – for the safety of you or your baby – your first preference is not possible. If those situations arise, you will be kept informed of your choices and allowed the chance to give informed consent whenever possible. We’ll partner with you to reach your labor and delivery goals together in a safe, nurturing environment. Please save this document for your own records, bring it to your free Childbirth Preparation Class, share it with your provider, and tuck a copy in your “go bag” for the big day!

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During Labor

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3rd Stage of Labor


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Additional Notes

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Next Steps

Once you complete your birth plan, we recommend the following next steps:

  1. Contact us to find out about tour options and maternity classes
  2. Print and discuss the birth plan with your doctor
  3. Bring a printed copy of the birth plan with you when you come to deliver at the hospital

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